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David Letterman
July 18, 1995

Dave: Our next guest is a star of film and TV. You perhaps remember her from "Little Women" or her critically acclaimed television show -- "My So-Called Life". It's our pleasure to welcome Claire Danes. Claire...
(Claire walks out with a fantastic smile -- David walks over to meet her and whispers in her ear "Thank you very much for coming back. I'm sorry about the other night" -- Claire: "That's OK")
Dave: How do you do?
Claire: I'm fine.
Dave: You look lovely in person...
Claire: Well, thank you...
Dave: as you do on film.
Claire: That's very nice of you.
Dave: You know that you and I have something in common -- you must know this by now...don't you?
Claire: We have the same birthday...
Dave: We share a birthday...
Claire: April 12th
Dave: April 12th
Claire: We're both's a good sign (Claire raises fists to emphasize point)
Dave: Think so?
Claire: It's the fire sign.
Dave: What do you know about the attributes of Aires -- the astrological sign -- that apply to your life?
Claire: Actually, quite a bit. On "My So-Called Life", the make-up and hair people were avid, astrological guru-type people...
Dave: They have to be...really...for that line of work.
Claire: goes with the territory.
Dave: I think so.
Claire: But, no, we're strong...we're quick-witted...but we have a bit of a temper...
Dave: (shouting) What do you mean by that? (Audience laughs then applauds)
Claire: (Laughs -- raises fists again)
Dave: Just a joke.
Claire: They're leaders...however, David Cassidy is also an Aires.
Dave: David Cassidy is an Aires?
Claire: We're in good company.
Dave: Can I ask you how old you are...when were you born?
Claire: I'm sixteen...1979...I just missed 1980.
Dave: How old are you? (really looking dumbfounded)
Claire: Sixteen.
Dave: Sixteen?
Claire: I'm a young-un.
Dave: You're sixteen-years old? (looking more dumbfounded as audience laughs, cut in of Dan Rather laughing from previous segment) You know, I don't think you're old enough to be in here.
Claire: (laughing) Well, call me in a few years.
Dave: This is amazing to me because you certainly look youthful...
Claire: Well...
Dave: But you have a great deal of poise and presence...
Claire: Well, thank you...
Dave: That I wouldn't normally associate with a sixteen-year old.
Claire: That means a lot. Next year, when I'm seventeen -- who knows. (audience laughs)
Dave: Well... (deadpans to camera as audience laughs)
Claire: It's going to be scary. (Claire laughs)
Dave: You know, I'm nervous now... (audience applauds)
Claire: No...
Dave: Because I had no idea you were sixteen.
Claire: Well, Aires are not supposed to get nervous...
Dave: All right -- I'll see what I can do.
Dave: Tell us what life is like for a very successful actress who happens to be sixteen. What kind of things do you do?
Claire: Well... we... a... we go out...we date...we get boy-crazy...
Dave: You do date...can you go out on a date when you're sixteen?
Claire: No...we read novels...we have heavy conversations about the news...
Dave: Let's go back to the dating... (audience laughs -- Claire laughs)
Dave: You actually go out on dates?'s OK to go out on dates when you're sixteen?
Claire: Well sure... (looking somewhat puzzled by the implication of the question)
Dave: What kind of dates do you have?
Claire: But I have a boyfriend though...
Dave: And what's his name?
Claire: Andrew.
Dave: Oh...Andrew...and what kind of old is he?
Claire: Andrew's eighteen. (audience ahhs in mock concern)
Claire: Only two years! Everybody gets so excited about it!
Dave: Well, I'm not excited about that...I'm 48.
Claire: I know.
Dave: You know?
Claire: Well, actually I didn't know.
Dave: You could tell by looking at me...that's what you're thinking (feigning personal concern -- audience laughs) God...God help me!
Claire: No... (laughing and touching hand to forehead in slight embarrassment -- audience applauds)
Dave: So what kind of things do you and Andrew he a nice guy...decent fellow?
Claire: Oh, he's a lovely fella
Dave: Or is he a punk? He's not a punk is he?
Claire: People think he is...
Dave: I think he is...
Claire: He dresses kind of punkish...
Dave: Does he get good grades...Andrew?
Claire: Well, he just graduated from high-school...
Dave: Is he going on to college?
Claire: Well, he's being a muscian...
Dave: Uh-oh!
Claire: He's going to take a year off...
Dave: A year off...of course...
Claire: And he's thinking about it...but right now...
Dave: Takes a year to think! That's what he's going to do? These kids today...I want to tell ya.
Claire: (laughing) He doesn't need to go to college...he thinks! (facetiously)
Dave: But you get along pretty well? It's a nice, happy...
Claire: Oh, it's's fabulous.
Dave: You spent some time surfing? You do that?
Claire: I went to surf camp for a Baltimore.
Dave: In Baltimore! (mugs to the audience -- audience laughs)
Claire: (laughing but trying to qualify the Baltimore statement)
Dave: (louder to audience) Whiaemaya Bay...the Bonzai Pipeline...Wyanemi...Hermosa we're going to Baltimore! (audience roars)
Claire: (doubled up laughing)'m sorry, now that you've hyped up Baltimore...but it's Delaware...
Dave: There's no surf in Baltimore ...
Claire: Delaware...there is surf...
Dave: Big surf country...
Claire: Very little...but enough for us beginners.
Dave: And what was that like? Did you enjoy the experience?
Claire: It's great. I went with my best friend...or one of them...who was an avid surfer...sleeps with her surfboard. And she dragged me to this camp...she looked it up in the back of her magazine. And we went there, and the guy who ran it was a born-again and he was trying very hard to convert all of us.
Dave: (clarifying) A born-again Christian who wanted to convert you all to Christianity...or to become reborn.
Claire: Yes...well yea...and meanwhile he was teaching us how to surf apparently. But he gave us a bible -- Surf in the Son. S-O-N...ha ha.
Dave: Oh...Surf in the Son...well, that's sort of cute isn't it.
Claire: Very clever. But...I did farily know...but I did get a little frightened because I didn't really know what I was doing.
Dave: Were these the big boards or the short boards?
Claire: I had the longest board possible...
Dave: They start out on the long boards...
Claire: Nine feet which is long.
Dave: Do you know who was the greatest surfer of all?
Claire: No...they weren't at my camp (audience laughs and applauds -- Dave mugs to audience)
Claire: The greatest surfers don't surf in Delaware. (audience laughter continues)
Dave: Duke Kehanomoko.
Claire: Whoa...Duke! (gives raised fists again)
Dave: Yea, he was apparently the first surfer. He surfed over from Japan or something...
Dave: You know I'm sorry getting this thing screwed up with "Clueless". You're not in the picture.
Claire: It's're clueless. (audience begins to laugh)
Dave: If you had been in that movie, it would have been a 100% better. (audience roars approval to Claire's shot at Dave while Dave finally catches on to what she said and Claire laughs)
Claire: Well, I didn't see the movie yet...I'm actually excited...I'm going tomorrow
Dave: (to audience) That Amy Heckerling does good work. She probably didn't direct it...I don't know what I'm talking about. (to Claire) What are you going to do next...what...
Claire: Well, you know...
Dave: Will you ever be older?
Claire: Apparently...I guess...I'm working very hard.
Dave: What are you working on next?
Claire: Well, I just finished a movie called "I Love You, I Love You Not".
Dave: Who's in that?
Claire: Jeanne Moreau...she's a French actress.
Dave: Oh...very good, very good.
Claire: That was great... (as Dave turns to audience pretending he doesn't know who she's talking about.)
Claire: (Claire sees his expression on the monitor -- gives her own "are you putting me on? expression) Come on...Jules and Jim? (one of Moreau's best-known films)
Claire: I don't know...I'm waiting to hear about everything. Waiting is very painful. That...
Dave: Can you...can you come back every night? (audience roars approval while Claire is visibly touched by the compliment)
Claire: What a treat!
Dave: (to Paul) Paul, we may have to adjust the music budget... I'm sorry.
Paul: That's all right.
Dave: (to Claire) You couldn't be more delightful. What a wonderful young person you turned out to be.
Claire: Well, thank you.
Dave: And I'd like to think I had something to do with it. (audience laughs)
Claire: Well, we do have the same birthday.
Dave: Yes we do. It was a pleasure meeting you, Claire. Thank you very much.
Claire: Thank you very much.
(audience applauds as Dave kisses her hand)

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