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The Tonight Show - March 17, 1999
Claire talks about life at Yale and the M-word with Jay.
The Late Show - April 21, 1998
Claire talks about Les Misérables and lamp posts with Dave.
The Rosie O'Donnell Show - November 13, 1997
Claire chats with Rosie O'Donnell.
The Late Show - November 11, 1997
Another Claire interview with Dave!
The Tonight Show - October 2, 1997
Claire talks about Ben, and Ben, and Ben! ;-)
Canal + - July 1997
Canal + in Spain is now showing My So-Called Life at 3:00PM daily.
On The Arts - July, 1997
Claire and Baz are interviewed for Romeo & Juliet.
MTV Movie Awards - June, 1997
Claire wins for Best Female Performance at the 1997 MTV Movie Awards. Her acceptance speach:
Gnarly! I won! Cool! Um...Leo won this award called the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival. And I was there, and he wasn't. And I was kind of offended, and I know we're supposed to be really supportive of each other and everything, but we do have that competitive edge and...I won! But I love Leo, and.. and I couldn't have done this, um, this performance without his help, obviously, because I would have been kissing my hand! Um.. but uh, yeah, so Leo's the bomb and just <valley girl> brilliant </valley girl> and Baz, the director, is phenomenal and incredibly smart and um he has a really cool accent, cause he's Australian. Um, so, thank you-est very-est much-est! Thank you!

ShoWest - March 6, 1997
Claire wins the "Star of Tommorow" award at the 1997 ShoWest awards.
David Letterman - October 24, 1996
Claire finally gets her driver's license!
Showcase Television - October 1996
For you Canadians out there, the awesome people at Showcase Television are starting a fourth run of My So-Called Life, Mondays at 6:00PM starting October 21st. Write and tell them what you think!
MTV - October 1996
One of My So-Called Life's biggest supporters, MTV is starting another run again on alternate Saturdays, begining mid-October.
MTV Movie Awards - June 1996
Claire & Shaquille O'Neal present for the category of "Most Desirable Female" at the 1996 MTV Movie Awards. Interestingly enough, the award went to Alica Silverstone...whom Claire won the role of Juliet over in Romeo and Juliet.
Canal Jimmy - January 1996
At last Claire and My So-Called Life join French TV on Canal Jimmy (Tuesdays @ 10:35 PM). All episodes are in full French or English with subtitles.
David Letterman - November 2, 1995
Claire talking about the "Heavy Klepto".
David Letterman - July 18, 1995
Sixteen and surfing!
Jon Stewart - December, 1994
Little Women, hair catching on fire, the usual stuff.