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Empire Magazine - December, 1998
Claire Danes
If Claire Danes had any manners, she would be at least try to seem a tiny bit messed up. Consider this Hollywood-brat-in the making biography: raised in a loft in New York's trendy SoHo district by artsy parents, announces her intention to be an actress at the tender age of six, by ten, she's studying Method at Lee Strasberg, by 11 she's got an agent. Turns down a soap opera a year later because it isn't serious enough and, after some episodic television roles, she's cast as the lead in TV's teenage angst celebration, My So-Called Life. She's all 13. And has since been taking advice from pals Jodie Foster (to attend Yale) and Winona Ryder (what to wear to premieres).
Empire Magazine - November, 1998
100 Sexiest Movie Stars of 1998
24:Claire Danes
Sexy sobriquet: Shakespeare's Sista
Age: 19
Last year's position: New Entry
Sex appeal: Her melancholy, angelic beauty and ability to make introspection so enticing have made Danes most-likely-to-succeed-Winona as the icon for Clearasil set.
Horny Highlight: Bewinged and peering through a tropical fishtank at Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo and Juliet.
Better looking than: Clare Rayner
The Sunday Mail - October 4, 1998
Ben Lee
Claire gets a brief mention in an interview with a very private Ben Lee.
Harpers Bazzar & Mode - October, 1998
The forecast is Claire
Feted for reigniting interest in Shakespeare after her portrayal of Juliet in Baz Luhrmann's modern classic, Romeo and Juliet, Claire Danes comes of age by immersing herself in some very grown-up roles.
Seventeen - October, 1998
Quote Unquote
Claire Danes is climbing her way to the top of Hollywood's A-list -- with style and determination.
Premiere - October, 1998
Hey, Nineteen
Already one of the brightest lights of her generation, Claire Danes is poised to be the next Jodie Foster (Yale education and all). But first she's going to have a little fun.
Teen People - October, 1998
Claire goes to College
This fall, the only time Claire Danes will hear someone call "Cut!" is if she skips class. After deferring for one year to wrap up a slew of movies (including next year's Brokedown Palace), the 19-year-old actress has begun her college career at Yale University in New Haven, Conn. But the famous freshman won't be following in the footsteps of good friend and Yale alum Jodie Foster, who majored in literature. "I think I want to study psychology," says Claire, whose move puts her closer to the Manhattan home of her Australian rocker boyfriend Ben Lee. Says Ben, "I'm most excited for her to be able to come to New York on weekends." Despite her busy schedule, Claire won't be dropping off the movie map anytime soon: "I'll go to college during the year, and on my breaks, I'll make a movie." Before heading east, she squeezed in The Mod Squad, based on the classic hippie-era TV series. "I play somebody beyond cool, so it's a total fantasy," says the modest actress of her role as undercover femme fatale Julie Barnes. "It's fun to pretend for a while that I'm untouchably aloof and awesome."
Vogue - August, 1998
Perfectly Claire
En route to Yale, just wrapping The Mod Squad, Claire Danes is at the head of Hollywood's new class.
Time - August, 1998
Odd Bod Squad
Giovanni Ribisi, right, has been in good movies, like Saving Private Ryan, and bad movies, like The Postman. He's had more than a few flings with TV. (Who could forget the immortal My Two Dads?) But The Mod Squad is his first experience with a movie made from a TV show. His approach? Take it all very seriously. "Even if I do a porno movie, I want it to be proud," he says. But he and co-stars Claire Danes and Omar Epps, left, have their work cut out for them if they want profundity from a remake of The Mod Squad, one of the most delightfully cheesy shows ever to grace our blinking blue screens. How serious can one be with that happenin' '70's wardrobe? "It became a lot more serious since I was involved," insists Ribisi. Then he confides he's doing the phone interview in a kung fu outfit. Solid.
LA Times - July 17, 1998
An Uneven 'Wedding' Loaded With Heart
How many people does it take to have a Polish wedding? Four: a pregnant girl, a reluctant groom, a priest and someone to hold the shotgun.
Toronto Star - July 17, 1998
Family's story a kin to Moonstruck
The wryly titled Polish Wedding, which does not have a wedding scene, is an engaging, slight movie about a lusty working-class family in the Detroit Polish community of Hamtramck. The only daughter among four sons is Hala, a nubile, spirited adolescent played by Claire Danes.
People Daily - June 24, 1998
Jodie Counsels Claire
Actress Claire Danes, currently working on the movie version of the TV show The Mod Squad, is also making plans for a four-year project -- Yale University. Danes, 19, tells Vogue magazine she has been "obsessing" for the last year about shipping off to the New Haven CT campus this fall. The star of Little Women and William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet says Yale grad Jodie Foster has been counseling her. She says Foster keeps telling her "it's great to be around smart people who are your own age."
USA Today - June 23, 1998
Danes Fretting Over Matriculation
"I keep asking people, 'It's really difficult to get kicked out of Yale, right?'" That's Claire Danes telling the July Vogue she's been obsessing for a year about going to college in September. Leonardo DiCaprio's 1996 Juliet (she says Leomania is "petrifying") just turned 19, and luckily has Yalie Jodie Foster as a mentor. "She keeps telling me it's great to be around smart people who are your own age." But first comes The Mod Squad. Yes, Danes is the '90s Peggy Lipton.
People Online - June 15, 1998
Mating Game
"Danes rang up the Aussie guitar whiz out of the blue after falling in love with his music. The two dated casually until April of last year, when Lee flew half-way around the world to sing to her on her 18th birthday."
Sacramento Bee - May 3, 1998
Claire Danes Tries to Juggle Intense Roles, Innocent Life
Claire Danes walks into her Manhattan hotel suite, ready to talk about her latest film, Les Miserables.
Jump - April 24, 1998
Claire Danes
"People told me I shouldn't take everything too seriously, and I didn't listen. Now I wish I had, because I tormented myself over every little thing. What's bad is when you get to age 19, and you're looking back thinking, 'I wish I could be young again and just have a better time.' " -- CLAIRE DANES
TV Guide - April 18, 1998
Claire Danes
TV work includes: My So-Called Life (1994-1995)
Major movies: Little Women, Romeo & Juliet, The Rainmaker
As Angela Chase in ABC's My So-Called Life (right), Danes was instantly recognizable as a breakout performer. Angela was the smart girl who wanted to be cool, the shy girl who loved the class dream boat, the straitlaced kid who befriended the wild child. Danes made Angela's walk on the wild side so real that after only one season she had launched a career in movies. "At 13, when we first met her, we felt we were in the presence of an exceptional talent," says Bess Armstrong, who played her mother, Patty. "You can't teach what Claire woke up already knowing. She barely went to acting school. She was a dancer, and she just suddenly decided she wanted to do it, and boom, there it was."

Time - March 30, 1998
Alice In Nightmareland
Claire Danes doesn't come of age the easy way. At least twice already she's died onscreen before reaching adulthood, and in her upcoming film Brokedown Palace, directed by Jonathan Kaplan, she suffers her share of tribulations. Danes plays Alice, a wild-hearted high school grad who lies to her parents and heads off to Bangkok with her pal (Kate Beckinsale) in tow. "She wants to see where she stands on the other side of the world," explains Danes. Alas, the outlook isn't good for Alice: she meets the kind of enigmatic stranger best avoided and, by a not-so-mysterious set of circumstances, winds up in a seedy Thai jail charged with smuggling heroin.

An expatriate American lawyer (Bill Pullman) is her lone advocate. "I get thrown into a soi, this cage in the ground for bad prisoners," says Danes. "And I'm beaten over the head with guard sticks and things." First death, now torture: What's next for the angst-loving Danes? Yale.

Entertainment Weekly - March 27, 1998
Mod Couple
You might not know his name, but Giovanni Ribisi just won the big casting fight of the week in Hollywood. Ribisi beat out Casey Affleck (Ben's real-life brother and Good Will Hunting co-star) for the right to fight crime alongside Claire Danes in MGM's "The Mod Squad, scheduled to begin shooting April 27 in Los Angeles. Ribisi, who plays Phoebe's brother Frank on NBC's Friends, will star as Pete Cochran, the laid-back undercover cop made famous by Michael Cole on the 1968-1973 TV drama. MGM's president Michael Nathanson noted that it was "a tough call. They were both very good actors." Ribisi just finished filming Steven Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan, with Matt Damon and Tom Hanks, for DreamWorks and Paramount Pictures.

The Pete Cochran role became one of the most desired in young Hollywood after Claire Danes was cast earlier this month. Producers Ben Myron, Alan Riche and Tony Ludwig, and director Scott Silver (Johns) will start looking to cast the Linc Hayes role on Friday. Of the original crime-fighting trio, only Clarence Williams III, who portrayed Linc, is definitely on board for a cameo -- although the filmmakers are not ruling out appearances by Cole and Peggy Lipton.

Variety - March 12, 1998
Danes To Star In Mod Squad Film
Claire Danes has been set to star in The Mod Squad, MGM's feature film version of the hipster TV series.

Created by Aaron Spelling, The Mod Squad launched on ABC in 1968 and spanned 100 episodes. It featured Michael Cole, Clarence Williams III and Peggy Lipton as three juvenile delinquents recruited to be undercover operatives and bust villains preying on underage kids. The film is a contemporary version that will feature the same three prototype characters.

MGM is now looking to match Danes with two actors to play an undercover squad recruited to work in the Los Angeles club scene. Shooting will begin on April 27. Scott Silver will direct from a script he wrote with Stephen Kay.

Danes started with the acclaimed ABC series My So-Called Life before venturing into features such as William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, John Grisham's The Rainmaker and the upcoming films Les Miserables and Polish Wedding.

New York Daily News - February 8, 1998
City Kid's Dream Comes True
City kid's dream comes true -- from public schools and a SoHo childhood, Claire Danes has gone on to wow 'em in Little Women, Romeo and Juliet and The Rainmaker.
Dolly - March, 1998
Claire Danes
Claire Danes, 18, has a life that's to good to be true. Take a look at her checklist. Job: Hot Hollywood star. Leading men: Leo DiCaprio, Matt Damon. Education: going to Yale. Boyfriend: Aussie babe Ben Lee. You saw he last: On the cover of Dolly.
Mademoiselle - March, 1998
Perfectly Claire
Perfectly Claire from so-called to sure thing: The best little girl in the world grows up.
US - March, 1998
What do astrophysics and kepeing track of Hollywood couples have in common? Both are very difficult but we'll give the second one a try. Rising star Ben Affleck is seeing Gwyneth Paltrow, who spent months getting over here breakup with Brad Pitt by living at girlfriend Winona Ryder's New York apartment. About that time, Ryder was busy setting up pal Claire Danes with Aussie rocker Ben Lee. Danes had previously dated Affleck's best buddy, Matt Damon, who co-starred with her in The Rainmaker. Damon later got cozy with his Good Will Hunting love interest, Minnie Driver, but the romance was short-lived...
US - March, 1998
Loose Talk
"I've just gotten my first ATM card and am figuring out how money works. I'm dealing with such huge numbers that my perspective is way off. It's scary." -- CLAIRE DANES
Movieline - March, 1998
Closing Statements
Which Young Character Would You Want To Play? Claire Danes: "I could see myself playing Molly Ringwald's part in Pretty in Pink. When I made My So-Called Life I found myself doing a little bit of Molly."
Teen - March, 1998
Spring Flick Fever - Polish Wedding
The Film: Claire Danes portrays Hala in this drama about the bonds that shape our lives. The only girl in a huge family. Hala is fiercely independent and frankly wild--a lot like her mother (and nemesis!), played by Lena Olin--while her brothers do what their traditional Polish-American parents expect. Then Hala meets a local cop (knockout newcomer Adam Trese), falls hard--and gets pregnant. Gulp! This could be a cool mother-daughter flick, especially if you and Mom have "issues."
The Femme: Ever since she wowed TV audiences with My So-Called Life, Claire has been a major presence in the acting world. Though Polish Wedding is a "small" film, especially compared to William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet and the recent Les Miserables, it's quintessentially Claire because it's challenging, unusual and a departure from what she's done before. Claire puts tons of work into her roles--but that doesn't mean she has no time for a life. Lately, she's been spending much of it with Australian singer-songwriter Ben Lee.
Seventeen - March, 1998
Catching Up With Claire
The yale-bound star has a true love and three movies coming out this year.
Vanity Fair - February, 1998
Great Danes
At 18, Claire Danes has her own architect, dates rocker Ben Lee, and commands $3 million per picture. Riding Disneyland's Splash Mountain roller coaster with the busy star of U-Turn, The Rainmaker, Les Miserables, and Polish Wedding, Kevin Sessums gets to the root of an astoundingly mature talent and a so-called life few teenagers could fathom.
TV Hits - February, 1998
Great Danes!
Sexy Claire Danes won us over as Leo's Juliet, now she's doing it tough with Matt Damon in the courtroom drama The Rainmaker. TV HITS gets the lowdown from Claire.
The Times - January 31, 1998
Teen Spirit
Fresh out of high school and already hailed as the Juliet of her generation, Claire Danes is shaking off her dutiful daughter image for the roles of battered wife and trailer-trash tease.

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