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Twist - December, 1997
Did You Hear?
Has Claire Danes found her real Romeo? At A Beck concert in New York City, she and her boyfriend, indie-rocker Ben Lee, were the cutest couple ever. They danced, held hands, and kissed on the cheek. They even waited on line (no star trip for them!). Cool huh?
Jetzt-Online - November, 1997
Six teen-questions to Claire Danes
Claire has a Q&A Session with German teen magazine Jetzt.
People - November 24, 1997
Worlds Apart
So how did teen star and erstwhile Juliet Claire Danes, late of TV's My So-Called Life, spend her summer vacation? "I toured with my boyfriend, Ben Lee, and his band [Noise Addict]," says Danes, 18, who costars in director Francis Ford Coppola's The Rainmaker, due Nov. 21. "We stayed at a lot of cheap motels. I was afraid to get inside the bed some nights for fear of what creatures might be in there." Working with Coppola was a scarier proposition. "He's a genius, a legend. I was like, `Am I worthy?' " she says. "But he's very warm and paternal. He has all these great old-world values. He holds open a door for a woman, and I love that." Still, Danes prefers the company of younger men. "I'm going to Yale next year," she says. "I can't wait to hang out with people my own age."
Entertainment Weekly - November 21, 1997
Claire Danes
Echoes of the cool blue Oscar combo of Claire Danes (a cashmere t-shirt and skirt by Narciso Rodriguez for Ceruti could be eyed everywhere. Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs not only crossed their T's, but went for the same sort of baby blue color scheme as Danes.
The Chicago Sun Times - November 18, 1997
At 18, Claire Danes has stardom's number
Some kids her age would ask a guidance counselor. Others would spend hours on the phone discussing it with their friends. When Claire Danes, 18 and arguably the best actress of her generation, has a major life question, she doesn't fool around.
The New York Times - November 9, 1997
Boomers' Babies Take Over Pop Culture
This is a quiz: Gavin, Leonardo and Claire, JTT; extra points if you can name all five Spice Girls; extra, extra points if you know Buffy the Vampire Slayer's last name.
Allure - November, 1997
Modern Maturity
For the essay portion of her college application, Claire Danes related a story that she thought best described the contrast between her New York childhood and her Hollywood adolescence.
SPIN - November, 1997
The Girl Issue
As Angela Chase on My So-Called Life, Claire Danes was the embodiment of all things girl: a 15-year old who grappled with an identity crisis by hitting the Manic Panic hair dye; dumping her reliable best friend Sharon in favor of Rayanne, a slatternly, alcoholic rabble-rouser, and Rickie, a sexually in-transit mascara-wearing boy. Through it all, Angela relentlessly questioned her motives and actions, and what they revealed about the sort of person she was becoming. Life was written for a sort of teenage everygirl, but most everything that came to define Angela -- her native intelligence about human nature, her aimless dissatisfaction, the underlying sadness that pervaded her observations -- must be credited to Danes, who telegraphed conflicting emotions with the subtlest of expressions. Then she starred in last year's punked-up Romeo and Juliet, which owed most of its box-office proceeds to girl attendance and featured a fierce swimming pool makeout session with Leonardo DiCaprio. Finally, Danes is now dating Australian musician Ben Lee, quite possibly the coolest 18-year old boy on the planet.
Excess - October, 1997
Sensitive Girl
The UK teen magazine Excess interviews Claire.
BOP - October, 1997
Claire has a pinup and photos in this issue.
Movieline - October, 1997
Claire has a 2 photos in this issue in an article on Oliver Stone.
Seventeen - October, 1997
Claire has a fashion retrospective with seven pictures and comments in this issue.
Jump - September, 1997
Ego Tips
"I think you have to give yourself some time to grow up. I'm just now becoming a woman and I like the changes that both my body and mind are going though. It's like a journey and so what if every step of the was isn't easy. Sometimes the tough things make life interesting."
Elle - September, 1997
The Elle 25
Claire makes Elle's "25" list.
Ben Lee
Birthday Song
The Birthday song which Ben Lee wrote for Claire...
Teen - August, 1997
The Great Claire Danes
Could Actress Claire Danes be any more amazing?
Movieline - August, 1997
All Claire
Perhaps it's the unusual depth of performance and refreshingly unconventional appearance, but isn't it strange how many interesting projects there are for teenage girl Claire Danes?
Buzz - August, 1997
The Best Actress Under 40 Just Turned 18
With her pick of Hollywood's plum roles, Claire Danes graduates to stardom.
BOP - August, 1997
Claire has a pinup and article in this issue.
Premiere - July, 1997
The Ingenues
These starlets are built for speed, but at they built to last?
Entertainment Weekly - June 27, 1997
The It List
The 100 Most Creative People In Entertainment
BB - July, 1997
Claire has a large foldout poster in this issue.
US - June, 1997
Loose Talk
"I love that if you have a crush on a boy, you can call your agent and get to meet him. That's probably the biggest perk."
Allegra - May, 1997
Fame & Juliet
Sometimes Claire Danes is compared to Jodie Foster. She's just as talented, she started at an early age and - important - she is really intelligent. That's why Claire Danes will go to university instead of making the most of her Romeo & Juliet bonus. The last star to be that courageous was... Jodie Foster.
People - May 12, 1997
The 50 Most Beautiful People
Claire Danes - Painter Carla Danes took a figural approach to preparing her daughter for stardom. "She told me, `Eat more, Claire. You're too skinny,'" says the ethereal 18-year-old, who adds that she "only recently became aware of how I look because it's part of the job requirement." While playing the exquisitely tortured Angela Chase on My So-Called Life, the Manhattan-bred Danes says, "I learned how to hide my not-so-great features and accentuate the better ones." And not to worry, Mom: the 5'6" actress had filled out by the time she made the transition to movie star. "Everybody falls in love with Claire," says Baz Luhrmann, who directed her in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. "She has an inner charisma." Clearly, it has risen to the surface. "Once you get over that peak of puberty," says Danes, "you hit a nice stride."
ID - May, 1997
What's Up?
Thanks to Romeo & Juliet, cute, keen and squeaky clean Claire Danes has shot from teen soap starlet to fully-fledged star. George Spencer Talks to Hollywood's hottest 17 year-old.
Death: The Time Of Your Life
Claire Danes
Claire writes the intro to Neil Gaiman's book Death: The Time Of Your Life
TV Hits - May, 1997
Claire Danes
Claire Danes not only stole Leonardo DiCaprio's heart in Romeo and Juliet, she managed to become one of Hollywood's hottest young stars.
TBB - May, 1997
Claire has a few photos and a pinup in this issue.
Mr. Showbiz - April 18, 1997
Claire Danes and Ethan Hawke Go Pop
Claire Danes and Ethan Hawke are going back to the era of bell bottoms and flower power--and we're not talking 1996. The pair is attached to star in Columbia's Monterey Pop, a love story set against the backdrop of the 1967 music festival. Des McAnuff, who recently staged The Who's Tommy but who has never helmed a feature film, has been tapped to direct. McAnuff is hoping to land the Who's Pete Townshend to score the flick. The Who was one of several bands who played at the famous festival, appearing alongside Otis Redding, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and many others. "This film presents a unique opportunity to tell a powerful love story while also exploring a turning point in America's recent history," said Columbia president Amy Pascal. No word on how the producers will handle the unique opportunity for Hawke to romance someone nearly a decade younger than he is.
British GQ - April, 1997
Teenage Flicks
At seventeen, Claire Danes is only three years older than Shakespeare's Juliet, her latest role. Keri Goldenhar meets a star in a high-school class of her own.
Total Film - April, 1997
Pretty Baby
TV star at 13. Much touted "actress of the future" at 17. Success is getting on top of the latest big-screen Juliet.
Empire - April, 1997
Woe Is Her
People my age really need to have downtime, to chill, to be pseudo-intellectual.
Capitol Records Press Release - April, 1997
Romeo and Juliet - Volume II
Capitol Record's press release for volume II of the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack.
Biography - April, 1997
Claire Danes
Making movies is more fun than chemistry class. The 18 year-old star talks about life in the very fast lane.
Vanity Fair - April, 1997
Hollywood 1997 - The Next Wave
Conviction came to Claire Danes early. By the age of three she had concluded that she wanted to become an actress. At 10 she was enrolled in the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, and now, one ABC series and four feature films later, including the lead with Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo and Juliet, this 17-year old has evolving ambitions. "It's boring to do the same thing consistently", Danes says. In Francis Ford Coppola's fall release, The Rainmaker, she plays an abused wife, a part which she concedes was "tricky" for a teenager. Recently she signed on to the cast of Oliver Stone's U-Turn and to the film version of Les Miserables. Danes will also appear in Polish Wedding as Gabriel Byrne's naughty daughter -- who, Danes says, "is something of a loose goose". Now she would like to add another Hollywood brooder to her list of leading men -- Benicio Del Toro. With or without the goatee? "I'll take him in any shape or form", Danes says with dead certainty.
Movieline - April, 1997
Hollywood Ink
...Our favorite kamikaze movie casting of the month? Handsome store-window dummy Andrew Shue got the much sought-after role of Claire Danes's wife-beating husband in Francis Ford Coppola's movie version of John Grisham's The Rainmaker...
BOP - April, 1997
Claire has a few photos and a pinup in this issue.
The Sunday Times - March, 1997
A match made in heaven?
Each age must have its dream lovers: a couple who are heart-wrenchingly handsome, so perfect together. And, while it lasts, the world must sigh, or be sick with envy, at the beauty of their match. In the past there have been Jackie and John, Richard and Liz, and even Charles and Di. More recently, we've been treated to the Liam and Patsy show. Now it's the turn of Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio.
British Vogue - March, 1997
Twentieth Century Juliet
There is a limitless supply of fresh-faced actresses waiting to play ingénue roles in Hollywood. But like the films featuring most of them, most debut performances fail to leave a lasting impression. Once in a while, however, along comes an actress with such natural screen presence that she lingers in the memory long after the films she appears in are forgotten.
Cinema Papers - February, 1997
Baz Luhrmann's William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
I thought it would stir up an interest. But we were relentlessly told that youth are uninterested in Shakespeare and that they would not want to see Romeo and Juliet. Some critics have come out and said there are "bad films", there are "worst films of all time", and then there's Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet. To them it is that bad and confronting, and I understand that, but we told it in our way.
TV Guide - February 3, 1997
TV's Most Romantic Moments
JORDAN CATALANO & ANGELA HOLD HANDS - When a teenage girl is being romanced by the hunkiest boy alive, she wants the whole world to know -- or at least the whole high school. But when that hunk is the brooding Jordan Catalano, it comes as no surprise that he wants to keep the whole thing secret. Of course, Jordan didn't know what he was up against when he fell for Angela Chase in 1994. Realizing that he might lose her if he didn't let his love show, he took a deep breath, sauntered down the hall, and took Angela by the hand -- as the whole school watched in wonder.
Premiere - February, 1997
The Truth Is Out There
William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet It seemed like a nonstop festival of iambic pentameter this year, what with Twelfth Night, Hamlet, and three takes on Richard III available. But Absolute Ballroom director Baz Luhrman's reworking of this romantic perennial boldly went where no Shakespeare production had gone before, making thrilling use of surreal Mexican locations, exciting young stars with teen-fan cred, and MTV-style pacing. Young women lined up in droves.
Lesson Learned: Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes are hot. And Hollywood was reminded that, as Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula showed, fresh versions of traditional stories are always welcome. There are Great Expectations for Gwyneth Paltrow and Ethan Hawke in fall's updates of the Dickens classic.
Seventeen - February, 1997
First Crushes
"My first big crush was a year ago, when I fell in love for the first time. It was fairly intense. I'm really glad I had the experience because I had emotion to draw on for Romeo & Juliet. But sometimes first loves like that aren't a good thing -- I was actually breaking up with my boyfriend during that movie [R&J]. Here we were talking about being in love and how wonderful it was, and I was in a real rocky relationship. It was torture."
Allure - January, 1997
Claire has a small photo in this issue.
YM - January, 1997
Claire has a small photo in this issue.
Movieline - January/February, 1997
The New Flesh
Page 25, 3rd column, 2nd paragraph: [...] My superhip queer girlfriend Jill offered up a shamefaced yen for still-too-young Claire Danes: "She seems to be the most likely to have a nervous breakdown during sex; I love that." [...]
Premiere - January, 1997
Claire has a photo, along with comments in the letters to the editor section.
US - January, 1997
Claire has a photo, along with comments in the letters to the editor section.

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