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InStyle - December, 1996
Claire appears in a photo along with Winona Ryder at the Fire & Ice Benefit.
Rolling Stone - December, 1996
Claire appears in a photo along with Leonardo DiCaprio at the premiere of Romeo and Juliet.
Movieline - December, 1996
Seeing Stars
Page 22, 3rd paragraph: Where to go to see the stars spend more money than you've got.
With its shocking pink and baby-blue vinyl walls and amoires topped with giant tiaras, Cynthia Rowley's store on South Robertson Boulevard looks like a little girl's room an seen through the eyes of Tim Burtin. [...] Claire Danes wore Rowley's long striped silk shantung dress in fuchsia, aqua and pistachio with coordinating gold shoes for her high school prom. [...]
Movieline - December, 1996
Casting About
Page 34, 2nd paragraph: [about southern lawyers] This time out, Grisham allowed Francis Ford Coppola to direct his newest opus, The Rainmaker [...] In a subplot, [Matt] Damon takes up the cause of, and falls in love with, a young, battered wife--make that a very young, battered wife, inasmuch as Claire Danes has been cast in the role (and rumor has it the subplot got made a bit less "sub" to accomodate her). [...]
NYU Student Newspaper - November, 1996
Romeo and Claire
Danes discusses well-done 90s Romeo.
Time - November 4, 1996
Her So-Called Big-Deal Film Career
Juliet, the A student: Danes wrote three essays on the play while filming.
Time - November 4, 1996
Suddenly Shakespeare
Tabloid-TV anchors announce a bloody feud between two of Verona Beach's most notorious clans - thug royalty, whose young princes have the family name tattooed on their skulls.
Knight-Ridder Newspapers - November 1, 1996
Forget "So-Called"
Danes has found show-biz good life.
Ottawa Citizen - November 1, 1996
Her So-Called Big-Deal Film Career
A review from a frequent visitor and critic for the Ottawa Citizen.
Theatre Crafts International - November, 1996
TCI has a a full page photo of Claire on the cover and an article on the making of Romeo and Juliet.
Rolling Stone - November, 1996
Just Two Kids In Love
Romeo leads the thug life, Juliet packs a semiautomatic, and the Bard gets a taste of Pulp Fiction-- it's pure calculation, and it works.
US - November, 1996
Claire Danes
My So-Called Life won her cult status and a bona fide film career, so why isn't Romeo's latest Juliet smiling?
Seventeen - November, 1996
Claire Danes
Taking SATs, coping with a rocky romance, dealing with the driving thing and seriously shining in Hollywood -- how does Claire Danes juggle all this and still maintain a so-called normal life?
Toronto Sun - October 27, 1996
Love, American Style
Claire Danes is Juliet and Leonardo DiCaprio is Romeo in a highly stylized production of Romeo and Juliet.
BPI Entertainment News - October, 1996
Claire Danes
Gummi Bears and the Madonna factor...
Nuvo Newsweekly - October 24, 1996
The New Juliet
The New Juliet: Claire Danes' career takes off Teen actress goes from TV to Shakespeare
New York Daily News - October 20, 1996
Danes' Designs
Don't think for a minute that just because Claire Danes is one of the busiest young actors out there, she's been neglecting her studies.

Spies of ours spotted the young beauty amidst a class full of other kids this past Saturday in Santa Monica, diligently filling in those pesky circles with her No. 2 pencils. That's right - the big movie star was taking her S.A.T.s, and taking them pretty seriously. We're told she wanted to nail them because she has set her sights on attending Yale like her idols, Michael Lewittes and Jodie Foster.

We also hear Danes wants to continue making flicks while in college, but only during school breaks. Danes can currently be seen in To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday and will soon appear opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo and Juliet. And she's slated to start production on Francis Ford Coppola's adaptation of John Grisham's Rainmaker and then on Oliver Stone's Stray Dogs.

AP - October 16, 1996
The Growing Cult of Claire Danes
Mention the name Claire Danes and you might think of the angst-ridden but slyly smart and wise-beyond-her-years teen from the short-lived television series My So-Called Life....That's about to change.
W - October, 1996
Claire Sailing
There are no rough waters for 17-year-old actress Claire Danes, Hollywood's newest Juliet.
InStyle - October, 1996
Style File
Film to Fashion in Romeo and Juliet
Movieline - October, 1996
Oscar Bait - To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday
...The Oscar buzz, if indeed this film takes off at the box office, is likely to be the talented young actress Claire Danes, who rose out of her praised portrayal of a schoolgirl in the admirable TV series failure My So-Called Life to blow off a few socks as Beth in 1994's Little Women. In Gillian, Danes has a crucial role as the daughter who suffers from dad Gallagher's inability to deal with mom Pfeiffer's death. Danes gives performances that are delicate and authentic - they elicit tears instead of jerking them - and she is made to order for the Academy, which is ever on the lookout for young actresses to reward with nominations.
Chocolate Honey Monkey
Claire Danes
The story behind the "Claire Danes" song!
Premiere - October, 1996
Romeo and Juliet
Don't say I never did anything for you.
Love, Claire.

George - October, 1996
If I Were President
By Election Day, the 17-year-old star of To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday and Romeo and Juliet will be as much a household name as Clinton and Dole. In a rare free moment, she ponders the So-Called Life of the Commander-in-Chief.
Marquee - October, 1996
The Long Goodbye / Wherefore Art Thou, Romeo?
Can you say "Oscar"???
Yahoo! Internet Life - September, 1996
Claire Danes
The site recently got reviewed in Yahoo! Internet Life...why the Pierce Brosnan site was rated better, I have no idea.
Associated Press - September 28, 1996
Claire Danes Comes To Terms
Stuck at an awkward age, 17-year-old Claire Danes has made peace with herself -- and her precocious acting talent.
Vogue - September, 1996
Great Danes
Claire Danes got cold feet in Mexico City.
Mirabella - September, 1996
"perpetually fabulous Claire Danes, in both Romeo and Juliet (a brave movie) and To Gillian on her 37th Birthday (a sappy movie, except for Danes)".
Live - September, 1996
Faire Claire
It's not just the wings sewn to the back of her white dress that make Claire Danes look like an angel.
Detroit Free Press - September 13, 1996
Chilly Filming
Cast, crew shiver through scenes in Hamtramck.
Time - September 9, 1996
Romeo and Juliet
Shakespeare: The Old Jane Austen, Time Magazine School begins, and hollywood hits the books.
Entertainment Weekly - September 6, 1996
The bard's tale gets a hip south-of-the-border twist with designer threads, cool tunes, and fresh stars Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio...but did we mention smog, stomachaches, and killer bees?
WWD - September 3, 1996
Claire's So-Called Life
"You can call me Saint Claire," says young Claire Danes, still a bit angular, a touch awkward. And she's serious.
Sassy - September, 1996
Hot Movie #1
Romeo and Juliet: Shakespeare himself couldn't have cast his star-crossed-lovers tragedy any better: Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes get hot and bothered come January as the classic romatic couple. Don't worry, you'll stay awake: The new version takes place in modern times.
InStyle - September, 1996
What's your sexiest footwear?
"Black leather boots that go up to my knee -- they've got a great thick heel"
Claire Danes, Romeo and Juliet
Elle - September, 1996
The Ultimate Love Story
Reckless lovers, fast cars, breathless violence. Can the two best actors of their generation do Romeo and Juliet justice? Thomas Beller visits the star-crossed set.
US - September, 1996
Romeo and Juliet
Aussie director Baz Luhrmann (Strictly Ballroom) surfs the latest Bard wave with his eagerly awaited William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet starring Leonard DiCaprio and Claire Danes.
Variety - August 27, 1996
Claire to work with Francis Ford Coppola
Claire Danes, who just made a deal to co-star with Gabriel Byrne and Lena Olin in The Polish Wedding, for Fox Searchlight, is now close to a deal for back-to-back films at Paramount.
Entertainment Weekly - August 23, 1996
Romeo and Juliet
Hope springs eternal, especially when it comes to resurrecting love stories -- Romeo and Juliet's specifically.
Who Weekly - August 19, 1996
Romeo and Juliet
"Absolutely stunning", "A flawless beauty", "Kind of funny looking..."...
Hotwired - August 7, 1996
Hotwired comments on the The Breathless MSCL Issue
L.A. Times - July 21, 1996
Yo! Romeo!
The director of Strictly Ballroom catapults Romeo and Juliet into the 20th century and transforms Mexico into a fantasy world's Verona Beach.
Variety - July 1, 1996
RSC Meets USA: Working Shakespeare
Claire attends a master class in New York, an intensive workshop for a select group of American stage, film and television actors created with the intent of forging new methods of performing Shakespeare.
Premiere - July, 1996
DiCaprio Woos Danes in Romeo and Juliet
A small article on the battles with mother nature that the cast and crew had while filming Romeo and Juliet.
Entertainment Weekly - June 28, 1996
EW has quotes from celebs on what's cool and what's not. Claire's quotes on what's:
COOL "The movies Trainspotting and Fargo, for very different reasons."
UNCOOL "Cliques."
Breathless - June 19, 1996
MSCL Issue
A new e-zine Breathless has devoted their first issue entirely to MSCL. Some interesting articles with titles like Decipering Rayanne, Jordan Catalano: Soulful Hunk or Empty Cipher, and There's Hope for Brian Krakow.
Seventeen - June, 1996
Sneak Peek
If you're still suffering from My So-Called Life withdrawal, you'll be relieved to hear that you can catch Claire Danes and Jared Leto at the movies this year.
People Online - May 2, 1996
10 Most Beautiful People
Claire chocks up an amazing 26,913 votes and comes in at #6 in People Online's "10 Most Beautiful People" Poll!!! Thanks to everyone for voting! :-)
Time - April 29, 1996
This Romeo Packs Heat
Romeo and Juliet haven't joined the N.R.A. But would Shakespeare, who turns 432 this week, approve of what Strictly Ballroom director Baz Luhrmann has done with his play?
CinemaPOV - March, 1996
Romeo & Juliet
The "CinemaPOV" service on America Online gathered users' questions for the principal stars and director of the new version of Romeo and Juliet. Answers from a selected batch of questions sent to the set in Mexico were been posted to AOL transcribed here.
react - March 11-17, 1996
Her Own Person
Claire Danes's talent makes her a crowd-pleaser, but she won't ever follow a crowd.
Newsday - March 24, 1996
Danes' So-Called Display
An article on Claire's role in Romeo & Juliet...where they refer to My So-Called Life as a "sitcom"!
react - March 11, 1996
It's All About R-E-S-P-E-C-T!
Claire Danes travels so much that she finds being home in Los Angeles exotic. Once home, she'll get comfy in her favorite jeans and sit back and listen to her favorite music. Whether on the screen or at home, for Claire it's all about being real, about being herself.
Teen Machine - April 1996
The Return of Claire Danes
She won critical raves for her performance as an angst-filled teen on ABC's My So-Called Life. These days, Claire Danes is fulfilling her promise as a rising star on the big screen.
YM - March 1996
Claire appears in a Cynthia Rowley outfit.
Movieline - March 1996
Claire gets ranked as #1 in Movieline's Young Hollywood Hit List - Ten Most Talented Actors.
Spin - February 1996
Claire gets voted Best Television Actor/Actress and My So-Called Life weighs in at #2 in the category of Best TV Show in the latest SPIN Magazine Reader's Poll.
Vanity Fair - February 1996
Little Women
Not quite children, not quite women, Claire Danes, 16, and Christina Ricci, 15, inhabit the evanescent realm of the ingenue. David Seidner captures their purity and power.
Premiere - February 1996
It's Bottoms Up For Danes
Another recount of Claire's "Vodka Incident" for To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday.
San Francisco Chronicle - January 3, 1996
Liz Smith's "Gossip"
Claire Danes does some method acting for To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday.
Marie Claire - January 1996
Starlet Fever
Since the demise last year of her short-lived TV series My So-Called Life, Claire Danes has hit the big screen big time.
Mademoiselle - January 1996
Claire Bares It All
She's fresh, she's famous -- and even endearingly anxious about her so-called stardom.

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