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USA Weekend - December 24, 1995
Catch a Rising Star
Who's News in 1996? Claire steps in at #3 in the top 10 to watch.
Movieline - December 1995
Teen Angel
Overnight, Claire Danes has emerged as the hottest young star in town. Here, the 16-year-old discusses her friendship with Winona Ryder, reveals what it's like shooting screen kisses and confesses why she went to surfing camp.
Sassy - December 1995
Life Is Sweet (Sorta)
She's being called the new Winona Ryder and her career is in overdrive, wiTh Three hoT Films - How To Make an American QuilT, Home for The Holidays and I Love You, I Love You NoT in The can. Nonstop glamour...or kind of a grind? America's coolesT Teenager Tells all!
Seventeen - September 1995
Claire Danes
Okay, so her TV show is toast. Does that mean Claire Danes doesn't have a so-called life? No way. She has three new movies, a cool boyfriend with the last name of Dorff (keep guessing) and a fierce girlfriend with the first name Winona (stop guessing).
Interview- January 1995
Claire Danes
Start Remembering Her Name - You're Going To Need To Know It!
The Philadelphia Inquirer - January 24, 1995
Life's Claire Danes
Almost 16 and yearning to drive.
MTV Arena - December 22, 1994
MTV Arena: Claire Danes & Juliana Hatfield
Transcripts of the AOL/MTV chat with Claire and Juliana.
Sassy - August 1994
Watch This Girl!
This is a story about a chick you've never heard of, a show you have yet to see and why I am imploring you to pay attention.

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