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Great Danes

Great Danes
by Richard David Story (Vogue - September, 1996)

Claire Danes got cold feet in Mexico City. As she scanned Juliet's lines for the balcony scene -- "O Romeo, Remeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?" -- while Leonardo DiCaprio stood at the ready, it suddenly hit her. "I was thinking, You know, this is one of the most famous scenes in history. No way am I gonna go out there on that set and let all these word come out of my mouth. No way I'm gonna do that!" But movies wait for no one, so the knockout seventeen-year-old alumna of TV's My So-Called Life got a grip. "I had to just throw all of that aside and start fresh," says Danes, who two years ago moved so memorably to the big screen in Little Women. Of her Romeo, she says, "When we acted, I think we really clicked. It's great when you find someone who you're working with who you understand. That was a treat." Seeing Danes in Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet, with Michelle Pfeiffer in To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday, and later this fall, in I Love You, I Love You Not, could make you believe again in love at first sight.

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