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The Hours of Love: Streep and Danes on Location in Downtown New York
by Karen Lee (US Magazine - February 19, 2001)

CClaire Danes couldn't get enough of her beau of nearly four years, Australian singer-songwriter Ben Lee, while working on The Hours in New York recently. The two were practically inseparable during the drama's four-day shoot in the city. "When I have a choice, I never leave him," said Danes. When Danes, 21, is not in school (she is a junior at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut) or working on a movie, and Lee, 22, isn't on tour with his backup band, the couple share an apartment in downtown New York.

The film, an adaptation of Michael Cunningham's 1999 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, also stars Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, and Meryl Streep in three vignettes thematically linked by Virginia Woolf's 1925 novel Mrs. Dalloway. Shortly before the production moved to Florida, Danes, who plays Streep's daughter, was barely able to tear herself away from kissing Lee long enough to shoot a brief scene, during which she nearly had an unscripted collision with a passing bicyclist. Luckily, she escaped unhurt and quickly returned to the arms of her boyfriend. "I'm so in love it's disgusting," said Danes.

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