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Film To Fashion
(InStyle - October, 1996)

In this remake of Romeo and Juliet, the action takes place in Verona Beach, a sexy, seaside resort community much like Miami's South Beach. Even so, "there's so much historical baggage with this story," explains costume designer Kym Barrett. "So I went in the opposite direction and dressed Juliet (Claire Danes) very simply." The most memorable of Juliet's costumes is the sleeveless silk-and-satin wedding dress.

Barrett kept accessories to a minimum: a pair of white, embroidered kid gloves found at New York's 26th Street flea market and a silver crucifix necklace. What about shoes? "Pearl-colored pumps by Nine West," Barrett says sheepishly. "I had all these Manolo Blahniks, but the Nine Wests were really perfect. Not too high or low, and not too ostentatious. Remember, Juliet is supposed to be 14."

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