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Claire Danes
by Allen (Chocolate Honey Monkey)

During My So-Called Life's brief run on television Chocolate Honey Monkey was playing pretty frequently every Thursday night at a place in Marysville CA called Mahlers. The Monkey's kooky bass player would go home after the gig and watch his taped episode of My So-Called Life. He soon equated his Thursday night gigs with his favorite show and when he learned that it was going to be cancelled he became very distraught.

You see, the bass player of Chocolate Honey Monkey was getting that funny feeling whenever he watched the show with HER in it. You know that feeling, kinda like when your Lactose intolerent and you eat a whole plate of icecream then top it off with a gallon of Chocolate Milk then ride the whip O whirl at the local fair.

The bass player of Chocolate Honey Monkey was developing a crush on HER.

He hadn't had it so bad since he was nine and was in love with his princess Leia action figure.

So when the final episode of the show was actually airing Allen was humming this tune in his head. Then, during commercials, he wrote the song Claire Danes expressing how he would do anything for her.

Anyway to kind of end the story about the song, I introduced it to the band, we practiced , played it several times live, then recorded it. It was the first song of ours to be played on the radio.

People definitely responded to the song , sometimes I would go out to my van after a show and find "claire Danes was here" written in the dust on my windows. Other bands like Shove and Rock Star Britt from LGS admitted their fondness for Ms Danes.

I finally got The whole band to watch a taped episode of My So Called Life. We all sat on the couch and watched the final episode together and Jeannie ( Vocalist , guitarist) cried.

To get your own copy of the Chocolate Honey Monkey CD with the Claire Danes Song (28k RealAudio / 56k RealAudio), write to:

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