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Entertainment Asylum
(March 15, 1999)

OnlineHost: We are happy to present one of the stars of the upcoming movie, The Mod Squad, Claire Danes!

EA ClaireD: Hi!

Question: Claire, did you have to read for this film or did they already have you in mind for the part...if you did have to read did you go up against any well known actresses?

EA ClaireD: No, they offered it to me so I didn't have to read. That is one of the great luxuries of having film credibility. It was utterly thrilling to be able to have a conversation about a role instead of having to give an idea of a performance.

Question: You have worked with many great directors, who's direction did you enjoy the most?

EA ClaireD: Every director I've worked with has been great for different reasons. I like Scott a lot because he was very open and encouraged us to become involved in his process. He had a very clear vision. I knew exactly what to do. They've all been great.

Question: Have you had the opportunity to meet any of the old cast of The TV Mod Squad?

EA ClaireD: Yeah, I've met Peggy Lipton who is incredible. I ran into her coincidentally at various functions. She's so beautiful and so accessible and was very supportive of our film. She was groovy! Michael Cole I also met at a barbecue that the producers had before we began filming. He was very nice also.

Question: What it is like working with Giovanni Ribisi?

EA ClaireD: He's awesome. Giovanni is a favorite of mine. He's so warm and so hilarious and it was very easy to act with him. He was very dedicated and really encouraged me to push myself in my work. There was no room for laziness in Giovanni's company.

Question: Who were your role models growing up?

EA ClaireD: Oh that's such a hard question to answer. I had a few mentors. I really relied on older people helping me. My gymnastics teacher was really awesome and my dance teacher. I don't know. I don't want to give you the traditional and predictable answer, my mother, but she's been a really good role model.

Question: I just wanted you to know that I have watched Romeo and Juliet about a hundred times and I was wondering if Leo is a good kisser?

EA ClaireD: LOL Uh, yeah he is a good kisser. He's a great kisser!

Question: You were great in Pesky Suitor, are you only doing films now?

EA ClaireD: Wow, you've done your research! I'll work on any project that is well written and has a really good director attached to it. Those are my two requirements and if they fulfill it then I'll work on it.

Question: How old were you when you got into acting?

EA ClaireD: I started taking classes when I was 10 at Lee Strasburg's in New York and started working professionally when I was 12.

Question: What was your favorite movie to work on?

EA ClaireD: I liked all of them for different reasons. I swear on my life that I liked all of them for various reasons. I liked Romeo & Juliet because it was amazing to be able to speak Shakespeare's words. I liked working on Polish Wedding because I love Gabriel Byrne and being in Detroit all day long. Mod Squad was really groovy because I got to be in Los Angeles with a group of really energetic artists. The things I remember about films are the places in which I shot them and the people whom I worked with.

Question: What kind of music do you listen to? Do you like Mozart or Nine Inch Nails?

EA ClaireD: LOL I don't know I can get kind of lazy in harvesting music. I rely on my boyfriend rather heavily who is a musician and who is obsessed with music. I sort of follow his lead, which is a little lame. But there is little incentive for me to follow music in college because I'm not one of those people who can listen to music and concentrate on work at the same time. Benley, I love Benley and the Pixies I really enjoy Pulp. It's all good. I love the majority of it.

Question: Do you feel more "at home" in Hollywood or on a college campus?

EA ClaireD: Well, I feel most at home in my home in New York City with my boyfriend. LOL I feel at home acting but not at other places.

Question: Could you at all relate with your character, Angela, on My So-Called Life?

EA ClaireD: Absolutely. I was the same age as the character was when I made that TV show so I couldn't help but relate to her experiences. But we have very different personalities.

Question: Is The Mod Squad a remake of an older TV show?

EA ClaireD: Yes, indeed, it's a re-make of an old television show.

Question: What TV show would you like to see on screen?

EA ClaireD: Uh, ahh, (singing)

EA ClaireD: Square One [ ed - I think she means Square Pegs ] or Facts of Life!

Question: Are you still going to do Fora Plum with Jodie and if so, when?

EA ClaireD: I don't think I can answer that.

Question: What is the weirdest thing a fan has done to meet you and what did you do?

EA ClaireD: Hmm! I'm going to sing again! I don't know. I've done weird things when I was a fan and I've done weird things to meet people. I tried to convince the director of Romeo & Juliet to put one of my boyfriend's songs on the soundtrack.

Question: What is your favorite type of movie to act in?

EA ClaireD: I don't discriminate against genres. I suppose dramatic films. That's where I thrive. But I enjoy doing all different kinds of work and I think it's really helpful to be flexible and attempt to do different kinds of work.

Question: Do you go online often or is this your first time?

EA ClaireD: Well, I'm a bit addicted to email, but I don't really explore the Internet very frequently.

Question: What are your predictions to win Oscar?

EA ClaireD: Oh! I hope Cate Blanchett wins. She was incredible. She was really amazing in that movie.

OnlineHost: What about best movie?

EA ClaireD: I haven't seen all of them. I've seen about one of the entire group, probably Elizabeth. I don't know, everybody raves about Life Is Beatiful.

Question: What was it like working with Norm MacDonanld on Saturday Night Live?

EA ClaireD: Norm! He's great. That was such a fun experience to work on Saturday Night Live. He was surprisingly enough, very funny LOL

Question: Claire do you get to kick butt in this movie?

EA ClaireD: Yeah! I do! I seek revenge. I blow up stuff and you know, beat up my ex-boyfriend. Kind of groovy stuff.

Question: Do you do your own stunts?

EA ClaireD: I did a majority of them. I didn't jump out of a moving vehicle though. I let my stunt person do that for me. She looked bored on the set so I threw her a bone.

Question: When does Mod Squad come out?

EA ClaireD: March 26th! Go go go!

Question: How was it working with Matt Damon on Rainmaker?

EA ClaireD: He's great. He's really enthusiastic about what he does, very dedicated to whatever film he works on. Really bright, very charming. Good man, good man. I'm a fan.

Question: How is your character in Mod Squad different than others you've played?

EA ClaireD: She's a California Dream Girl. She's flawless, or that is how I perceived her. I think my other characters had certain dilemmas or disabilities. She's a super hero so she's not or she's more complex than the other characters I've played.

Question: So you think you'll produce or direct your own projects someday?

EA ClaireD: Uh, why not? I have no idea. I still have a lot to do in my acting. There is a lot further I could go with that so I don't think I'm ready to stray from that yet. But, you know, who knows? Maybe I'll get anxious and bored one day.

OnlineHost: Thank you for joining us. Remember Britney Spears will be with us on March 25th.

EA ClaireD: Bye! Thanks!

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