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Time Out London - June, 2003
Claire Danes
In 1999, Claire Danes more or less quit Hollywood for the rarefied realm of Yale University. But now, it's her studies she's put on hold to accept parts in the black comedy Igby Goes Down and a surprising one, this Terminator 3.
Premiere - August, 2001
The Great Igby
Claire Danes, Ryan Phillippe, Amanda Peet, Kieran Culkin, and Jeff Goldblum are ready to party. And who, at this chic beach house, wouldn't be? A wall of windows overlooks Long Island's Atlantic Beach (okay, it isn't the Hamptons, but it looks like it), flowers line the balcony, and drinks sparkle in the hands of the 40 or so guests, all dressed summer-casual.
US Magazine - February 19, 2001
The Hours of Love: Streep and Danes on Location in Downtown New York
Claire Danes couldn't get enough of her beau of nearly four years, Australian singer-songwriter Ben Lee, while working on The Hours in New York recently.
Looks - August, 1999
Claire Danes
She's young, beautiful, clever and is even great mates with Leo. Life really sucks if you're Claire Danes. LOOKS catches up with the wonder girl and finds out what its like to have the world at your feet.
Flaunt - August, 1999
Claire Danes
Claire Danes is not your typical college slacker. She's just completed a year at Yale. She just finished another movie (Brokedown Palace). She's starred in a television series, reached cult status, and been banned from the Philippines. She's 20. Two, zero. What had you done by 20 besides flunk out of junior college, alphabetize your record collection, amass an extensive bong collection, and make a "really killer fake I.D.?" Wise beyond her years, grounded, and with her personal life in order, Danes proves her so-called life is far from ordinary.
InStyle - July, 1999
Perfectly Claire
She has A-List fans (Spielberg, Sarandon), a way-cool beau (rocker Ben Lee), Yale on her resume, and a wardrobe to die for. Claire Danes is on a roll.
Rough Cut - March 22, 1999
Claire as Day
Claire Danes is the only actress whose stardom stems from a failed television show. After being cancelled by a major network, My So-Called Life became a cult hit with teenagers after the reruns aired on MTV. Since then, the 19-year-old Yale freshman has worked with the absolute best people in Hollywood. Francis Ford Coppola cast her opposite Matt Damon in The Rainmaker and she flirted with Sean Penn in Oliver Stone's wacky comedy, U-Turn. She was Michelle Pfeiffer's daughter in To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday, Holly Hunter's daughter in Jodie Foster's Home For the Holidays, Gabriel Byrne's sexy daughter in Polish Wedding and Susan Sarandon's doomed daughter, Beth, in Little Women. But, her most successful hit film, William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet cast her as the eternal lovesick teenager, Juliet opposite white-hot Leonardo DiCaprio. In the fall, she'll star in Brokedown Palace. Claire Danes is poised to be the next big thing.
Entertainment Asylum - March 15, 1999
Claire Danes
Claire chats with fans on AOL the week before The Mod Squad gets released.
Jane - March, 1999
Claire Danes
Claire Danes is a Yale student who's just trying to finish a paper and fight a cold so she can hang out with her boyfriend. Gigi Guerra almost forgets who she's talking to.
Movieline - March, 1999
Party of Five
They're five of Young Hollywood's very best. How did Matt Damon, Winona Ryder, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck and Claire Danes triumph over daunting odds to get where they've gotton-and what challenges face them next?
Teen People - February, 1999
Claire Danes & Ben Lee
Before Claire Danes, 19, Took of for her Freshman year at Yale last fall, she and her Australian guitarist beau, Ben Lee, 20, stopped by the annual star-studded Pediatric AIDS Foundation picnic in L.A., where he amorously recorded her every move with a handheld video camera. "They were laughing and having a good time," reported one guest. "They're an odd couple, because she's very glamorous and he's very not," Claire, for her part, seems to be warming to the simple life : While on tour with Ben in the summer of '97, she has said , "we stayed at a lot of cheap motels. I was afraid to get in bed some nights for fear of what creatures might be in there!" But the threat of bed bugs and less-than-posh existence couldn't keep this dedicated fan away: After becoming obsessed with Ben's CD in 1997, Claire got together with her six-string sweetheart. They've been strumming a happy tune ever since.
YM - February, 1999
Paul Walker
Paul Walker (catch him this month in Varsity Blues) admits it: Only one starlet ever made him sweat - Claire Danes. Here,the hottie tells us what went down on the set of their new movie, Brokedown Palace.

"I've found that the safest way to go into working with someone famous is to expect that person to be a complete freak. that way, if the celeb ends up being huge jerk ,it's not such a big letdown."

"i met Claire Danes on the set of Brokedown Palace (coming next month). My first day at work we had this cutesy romantic scene to do together. I'd only spoken to Claire for maybe about five minutes before we started filming and we were supposed to act all lovey-dovey. Plus I was like, 'Oh my gosh! This is Claire Danes, the girl from Romeo & Juliet and My So-Called Life!' If I ever was starstruck , it was by Claire."

"She must have sensed my nervousness,because she set me at ease with her calm vibe. I really liked Claire a lot, even though I didn't get to go one-on-one with her. Claire's boyfriend, Ben Lee, was always there. Don't get me wrong , Ben's a nice guy, but I really wanted to spend more time with her."

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