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Claire stars as the introspective, angst-ridden Angela Chase
in the critically acclaimed My So-Called Life.

My So-Called Life
Nominated for 4 Emmy Awards

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series
Claire Danes as Angela Chase in My So-Called Life

Outstanding Individual Achievement in Writing in a Drama Series
Winnie Holzman for My So-Called Life (The Pilot)

Best Direction in a Drama Series
Scott Winant for My So-Called Life (The Pilot)

Outstanding Individual Achievement in Main Title Theme Music
W.G. Snuffy Walden for My So-Called Life

Claire wins the Golden Globe Award
for Best Actress in a Drama Series

Golden Globe

"Wow. Um, wow. I thought this would be good to be natural
and spontaneous but that wasn't a really good idea."

"So many, so many people to thank: the producers on the show,
Marshall Hershkovitz and Ed Zwick, are great,
and congratulations Ed this year (on his nomination);
to Winnie Holzman, brilliant;
and Scott Winant, who I love.
Umm, to my agents, who have been wonderful, Ken Friedman, especially."

"To all the cast and crew of MSCL--some of my best friends there.
Ted Harbert, he's been great, he's really been a strong supporter of the show.
And, um, you know, all my bestest, bestest friends in the world,
in New York, and now here, which is becoming my new friend."

"So thank you, it's a huge honor to be acknowledged at such a young age.
Thank you everybody."

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